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Jewelry Definition

What is Jewelry or Jewellery?

Jewelry (Jewellery in British English) is any piece of material used to decorate or embellish one’s self. "Jouel" is the original Old French word. Jewel is the anglicized version. The word "jocale", a Latin word, is most likely the origins of the Old French "jouel". "Jocale" in Latin means plaything.

Jewellery has been around almost as long as man. Originally, jewelry would have been made from natural materials like bone, wood, shells, stone and animal teeth. It's use was also much more practical as opposed to decorative. It later became popular as adornment and was often used for people with high ranking positions in society in order to show their status.

Some examples of ancient jewelry found
in a cave/tomb near Jerusalem
Ancient Egyptian gold snake bracelet Ancient Celtic belt hook


Today, jewelry is made out of a variety of materials and can be seen on almost any part of the body, for both decoration and function (in some cases). Jewelry is still used by some to show status...just think about people's reaction to a large diamond engagement ring


...or how about some music artists who sport large amounts of gold in their videos while singing about money and power.


Although status jewelry is still present, there are many people who appreciate the artistry of jewelry and therefore, wear it as a decorative accessory - could be likened to carrying around your favourite piece of art!


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